Sunday, October 18, 2009

Personal Rules for NaNoWriMo

I wanted to create my own list of NaNoWriMo rules based on Bad Leader's blog post of Personal Rules (Check them out!). I really loved the idea and thought I would share my own. It is in no way an excuse to procrastinate working on plot points. XD Nope... not one bit. On to my rules!

Rule 1: Write every day (bare minimum of 1600 words).

Rule 2: Do NOT allow myself to bring me down. (Also known as: Don't let my brain tell me I suck. PUSH PUSH PUSH!)

Rule 3: Make time for my Husband. I can't let NaNo get in the way of my family (or sleep, or work for that matter).

Rule 4: Do NOT make excuses to not write. (Hmm... this maybe could have been #1 but since these are in no particular order, it's okay.)

Rule 5: Push for 100k but at least make 50k. Prove I can still actually finish something this big.

Rule 6: Interact with others about NaNo, but don't allow it to keep me from getting my word count done. I get distracted very easily and I love finding inspiration with others along with helping others. I can already tell Twitter and the NaNo forums are going to be a huge distraction. LOL

Rule 7: Try to get ahead on word count so if I need a day or two of break, it won't hurt my word count or progress. I know I have write every day on my rules, but I have a few days (including my 1 year anniversary of marriage in November, so I would like to spend that not worrying about making my 1600 bare min. word count) where I am going to be very busy and may only get to write for a very short period of time.

Rule 8: Don't allow video games, movies or tv get in the way of writing. Move to a quiet room if needed.

Rule 9: Don't be too biased with my story. I have a strong opinion about the topic of my story and while I want to bring out the satire and the point, I don't want it to seem preachy.

Rule 10: Feel free to change anything at any time including planning. Remember, they are guidelines to help me through. This is for fun! Keep this in mind when debating changes.

No, go on and make your own!

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  1. These are great. I've seen a few of these floating around today. I think I might have to make myself one as well.