Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What the heck is a Playlist?

Clearly a playlist is a list of music one listens to. But I keep hearing about writer's or books having a playlist. I'm not entirely certain I understand this concept. The only time I have heard of a playlist for a book is in an abhorrent YA series about sparkling vampires and an insolent main character. Is this a YA concept? I'm not sure. When someone shares their playlist, whether it be published in the book or shared with a community, are they trying to say, ' This is the soundtrack to the book'? Or are they just saying, 'This is the music I listened to while writing this book'? I could never imagine thinking of, let alone sharing, a "soundtrack" to go along with my book.

I sometimes listen to music while I write. (Actually, I usually listen to movies playing in the background.) I don't recall ever listening to something specifically to go with what I am writing, but I do feed on the inspiration. I usually just listen to the same music I listen to when I am not writing. I understand that some people have a hard time listening to music with lyrics while they write (sometimes I have a hard time too) but I have a fondness for the sound of singing.

It would take tons and tons of time and space to list off all the music I listen to while I write. Instead, I will just give a general of what inspires me. I primarily listen to music of the rock variety from the late sixties to the late 80s. Some of my favourite bands are Tears for Fears, Queen, Styx, etc. I also like folk music and musicals. Primarily, I like music that tells a story and sounds interesting.

And finally, I figured I would update on where I am with plotting. I was able to get some more plotting done last night. It was awesome, but I was also shocked because I found myself completely morphing one of my characters. This is a great thing because it fixes a few issues I was having and finally brings this character some more dimension, but I must admit that I was quite confused at first.

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