Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Now Available: Beautiful eBooks with Scrivener

Beautiful eBooks with Scrivener: Master the Compile Function and Create Distribution-ready eBooks

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Scrivener compile made easy!

If you want a quick and easy way to produce beautiful custom eBooks straight from your Scrivener project in a matter of minutes, then this guide can help. Don’t struggle to make the Compile options work for you. This short, but precise, ebook will teach you how to use Scrivener's compile function like a pro! Learn what each option means and how to use them. There are images and project examples included to provide you with clear, understandable instructions. This guide reviews Scrivener's compile function ONLY.

Please note, Beautiful eBooks with Scrivener uses the original Mac version of Scrivener 2.3. While it may be useful to PC users, it does not discuss specific instructions on how to use the PC version or any other versions.

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