Friday, January 1, 2010

The New Year and Cha- Cha- Changes

Well, it is finally 2010 and I really hope it's going to be as great as everyone seems to think it is. 2009 wasn't as great of a year as I had hoped, but I made do with what I was given. This year, I have decided to set a few goals, not resolutions. I've learned not to set resolutions for the year because they never end up getting a second thought, but if I make them goals and look at them in a business sort of way, then I feel like I could actually follow them. It helps that I've decided I need some change in my life.

So, I wrote down my goals for 2010 and included reasons why I wanted to accomplish them. I felt that if I reminded myself why I wanted to reach these goals, then I would be more like to actually get to them. I started off with a few main goals, then added sub-goals that I would need to do in order to finish the main goal. I really hope I can stick with it because I know it's just so easy to drown everything out and be lazy.

Without further ado, GOALS FOR 2010!

+Read at least 2 books a month.
+Exercise every day and cut out all the junk.
+Finish writing a novel and make it agent ready.
+Get more involved with other writers.
+Figure out how to make a living from working at home.
+Blog or write an article at least once a week.

These are only some of my goals/sub goals, but they are the most important to me. The goal where I read two books a month was sort of a last minute addition. I've recently started following a large number or writers, editors and publishers on twitter and doing so has inspired me so much. I'm would like at least 1 of the two books a month to be books by people I know or follow on twitter, or by first time published authors. It's a great way to support them.

I'd also like to write an article, book review or a blog post at least once a week. Since I am integrating Scribble Me This into my website as my blog and using Wordpress as a CMS to build my website which allows me to post articles, I think it would be best to update often. I figured that I could write book reviews not only to support authors but also because I'm sure that reading so much will inspire and excite me so much that I will need to share with everyone. I know I could read more than 2 a month, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. I also have to figure out whether or not I should get a library card or if I can afford buying 2 books a month.

Speaking of the new website design, I finished creating the header last night. I love it so much and I learned some new techniques that are fun. So shiny!

So, revamping is what I will be working on the whole weekend along with reading the first book of the year: The Mist by Stephen King. Also, I'm going to be posting again this weekend because I would like to start a book list and mention some authors and books I'm interested in right now among other things like contests and such. I'm off to read for a bit, then get cracking on the website!

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