Saturday, December 12, 2009

Put the LURE in Failure and the New Year

To anyone who followed me for NaNoWriMo, I wish I could bring good news. Let's just say that I failed horribly even if I wrote more than I have in ages. In the end I got distracted and discouraged and then miserable. This seems to happen a lot to me.

What I think happens is that once something starts getting too big or complex or becomes an overwhelming amount of work, I seem to just shut down and freeze up. This is a serious issue for me because I want to accomplish certain things in life so desperately. I have many goals and I am sure they are possible to achieve, but getting myself to actually finish them or even finish a small piece of them is like pulling teeth.

A couple of days ago, I came across two highly inspirational websites brimming with invaluable information. Not only have the articles from these two sites helped me understand a lot of my own issues, they have also made it clear to me that my goals are not unattainable if I just fight for them.

The first site is WAHM Biz Builder and it is a coaching site for Work At Home Mums. You might wonder how a website geared towards mothers who work from home could help me or anyone else for that matter, but the great thing is that the tips and articles found at are fundamentally substantial which makes them universal. While I may not be a mother yet, and I do stress yet, I do want to learn how to make a living by working at home and eventually become a work at home mum. Some of the concepts found within the articles don't even have to target businesses women, or men.

For example, I have a friend who has trouble following through with things and can't seem to reach or keep her own personal life goals. I gave her a few links to and a couple from Men With Pens and she was still able to use the information to help her with her non business goals.

This brings me to the second website I found helpful: Men With Pens. This site has a vast number of informative articles ranging from business to web design to writing. How to Make Scary-Big Stuff Happen is probably one of my favourite articles because it helps break down large, daunting goals into small, manageable goals.

With that said, I am working on sorting out my goals and thought I would share a few.

My top two goals:
  • Work completely from home and make enough money to survive in doing so.
  • Finish one of my novels.
Secondary goals that I'd like but can happen later:
  • Go to grad school and earn my masters (without getting further in debt).
  • Get rid of my school debt.
I also have a few life goals, but I think I will refrain from sharing those right now. One of my sub-goals is going to be to rework my website and blog(s) completely. I think Scribble Me This will be a part of my main site as well.

At any rate, if you have any inspirational goal setting and achieving websites, please share them.


  1. Wow, thanks for the lovely compliments and link! You know I've told James from Men with Pens (good friend) that you love me more than him? LOL

    Another site you might like is Alex Fayle's Someday Syndrome - he's a mentor rather than a coach and works very differently to most people.

  2. Thanks Melinda! I'm slightly star struck by the fact that you took the time to comment.

    Also, thank you so much for the link to Someday Syndrome. I think I have a bad case of it right now. LOL