Monday, March 12, 2012

Land of No Mortals Cover Reveal

Oh man, I've been sitting on this one for about two weeks. The cover's been ready and it looks divine, but I had to hold off exposing the world to its awesomeness until it was the right moment. Well, it's time! Land of No Mortals is almost in the beta readers stage right now and after that, it's going to the editor. It won't be much longer before the book is ready an available to purchase. I'm hoping by the end of April. Are you dying of anticipation yet? Okay, okay! Here it is!

Amazing right? Amanda from Razzle Dazzle Design did the cover again. She is wonderful at this, isn't she? I also had her make a few changes to the Land of No Angels cover. Not only did I want them to match, I also wanted to darken the LoNA cover a bit so it fit in with the rest of my work. Check it out!

Pretty nice right? I wanted to add the series and book number on there too. Want to see them together?

So cool! I can't wait to share the new book with everyone. It's going to be crazy fun to read. A lot of new things happening. But stop me from rambling! I don't want to accidentally give away any secrets! If you haven't read the back cover copy, yet, pop over to the books tab and check it out.

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