Saturday, January 9, 2010


I decided to join in with Bloggiesta. Bloggiesta is a challenge to organise and further your blogs. It's fun and informative and I thought I'd participate. I'm a bit behind, but it will be great once I get everything done. If you know your blog needs a bit of revamp and you need to get it organised, I suggest you join me and participate as well! Post a link to your blog post if you do decide to join so I can come see.

Bloggiesta - First Day Intro Post
Bloggiesta - Second Day

Personal Goals for this weekend
+Write an Article
+Write a Review
+Set up a Calendar/Events page
+Create a Menu Bar for Blogger Blog

I will be updating with the items from the mini-challenges I have completed, and will also apply most of these things to my Articles on since they need very similar attention as my blog does.

+2010 Resolutions - Finished
+Comment On Blogs
+Create a Blog Cheat Sheet
+Change the Footer Copyright to 2010.
+Organise and Think Critically about your Labels and Categories
+Back up Blog
+Searched for Dead Links and Fixed SEO
+Decided on 5 Article Topics

From First Bloggiesta
+ Updated Google Reader
+Set Up Google Alerts
+Had my site graded by

An additional helpful url is from Problogger. I'm going through this list as well for Bloggiesta.
31 Days to Building a Better Blog - Problogger

Total Hours Spent: 16 (Not because I'm lazy or started late but more so that I am just that fast with some of this stuff... also my blog is fairly new and easy to clean up.)

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  1. So glad you joined in the fun! Looks like you are moving forward with your goals!