Thursday, January 21, 2010

Contests and Thoughts

Just a few quick thoughts about some topics I'm going to write articles for. I've noticed lately that I've had to defend my view on romance/love in books and even movies, so I think I may write an article on my thoughts on this subject. I also need to write a review on Ted Dekker's Adam, and I think I may ever write a few movie reviews. I'm a bit behind because i've been so exhausted lately, but I will catch up soon!

By the way, the online writing community is amazing. Everyone is so helpful and supportive to one another and I'm so thrilled to have found it. This may seem a little random, but I was thinking about it today because of a series of tweets over on Twitter. There is a sense of camaraderie and it's just so awesome.

If you haven't heard, head over to WORD for Teens and sign up for the Word for Teens Givaway of the book, Benjamin Manry and the Curse of Blood Bones. I suggest you go and join in! My pirate name is Lunie Seawitch. Hehehe!

On a final note, I've gotten so many new ideas for my current WIP, which is still untitled. I've been asked why I care whether or not the WIP has a name yet because it's really not important. It may be silly, but I can't start actually writing without a title of some sort, even if it isn't the one I will use in the end. And no, "Untitled" and "WIP" do not count for me. It's just one of those weird little quirks I have. But, it's coming along really well.

Sorry for such a short entry today, but I felt like I needed to update! Now off to catch up on article writing!

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